5 useful extensions and conversions you can do to raise the value of your home

increase property value

There are many tricks and tips which can help you raise the value of your home. While some of these can cost a lot of money, they can also ensure that the value of your home would be way higher than the amount of money invested. Of course, there are not must-dos but applying one or two could really help you sell your home faster, for a much better value.

We must however warn you that some of these may cost you some money therefore only start them when you are sure you can go through with them.

Creating a winter garden or extra room from a patio

Patios can serve great but sometimes, especially when there is a lack of space and if the climate is not all that warm they can serve even better when they are converted into becoming a sort of an inner garden or even a proper room they can add substantial space and value to a house or any home.

Creating a terrace or balcony on a roof

If your home’s structure and roofing gives enough support, it’s a wonderful task to create a balcony on any possible floor the window of which is opening towards the roof. The window space should be enlarged and converted into a terrace door and a good carpenter can raise the wooden balcony that can become a great retreat for anyone, especially when it opens from the bedroom or from a living room.

Enlarge the windows of the basement or add extra window for your basement

Basement can prove to be like an additional apartment within a home and can add a great value to your home already. However if it has only very tiny windows and if you have the chance to enlarge one or more of these, then it’s definitely a good idea to do so, as it would make the basement look closer to a proper living place, let more light and air in and would not deliver the impression of a closed down window less place.

Create a french balcony out of a simple window

If you have a room which needs more light and air to come in, it’s a great idea to convert the window into becoming a terrace door and protect it with a grill from the outside which is more or less waist-high to create the impression of a proper balcony. It will instantly transform the aura of any room making it more airy and can prove to be a great place to hang out plants as well.

Add a wooden patio in your garden

If you have a living room opening to the garden area but have no proper patio or terrace there ensuring that the transmission between the garden and living room is as harmonious as it can possibly be, then it’s a great idea to get a terrace built, which would create proper room to sit, to do barbecue or fire and other social activities. These terraces are some of the most inviting additional features which buyers are looking for when they are looking for a home.