How the photos of your listing should look

taking a nice picture of your house

Thanks to all the great technological improvements, today anyone can do a top quality photo with the help of their smart phone. Therefore you do have all the tools to make your property as desirable as possible. Only steer clear from some of the obvious mistakes many people ( even some real estate professionals make) when it comes to best representing your home with photos which are the following:

Falling in love with one single detail: let that be a vase of flowers or one single detail or room, many people do tend to fall in love with one single detail, they decide to do 10 photos from various angles of that very thing. People do not want to see photos of the kitchen only as being the very best part of the flat. You need to commit to all the rooms and do your best to represent them the best you can.

Using bad quality photos: there are tons of website where there are blurred, dark, hastily done photos of a property which will definitely not represent it in a good light.
Tons of photos of the area and almost no photos of the property itself: a good area can really make the property attractive, but people do want to see the property and not the area only.

Do not work too much with filters: using of some filtering to make a photo look more attractive can really work in your favor but do not spend too much time trying to photoshop a room into what it is not. People want to see realistic photos on the first place.

Representing one room only: this is another common mistake when it comes to one room looking great and the others not looking so attractive. No matter how they look it’s best to give everyone a clear picture of what they can count with.

Not including a detailed plan: it’s essential to always include the house or floor plans with your listing. This can help people a great deal in deciding whether your home is the one they are looking for in terms of placements and future modifications or not. This will save you tons of time and energy for the future.

Representing ugly rooms in an ugly way: no room is ugly in real but you just should steer clear from taking photos of the apartment while you are living in it, especially without decluttering and tidying it up. I’ve seen tons of photos representing rooms with people still living in it, which created a real mess. It’s not a good sight, has a bad effect on any future owner and as an extra everything looks smaller.

Demonstrate storage facilities inside and outside the home: storage space is among the top priorities of many therefore it’s a must have in most homes. Show what you have and if you have extra storage make sure you let people know about it.

Do not show any pets or family members on any photos. It’s a must.